Guusje learned some tricks!

We would love to show you the tricks Guusje has learned so far! What tricks should we learn next? 😀

My new shitbook – and my sons reaction!

I started my own shitbook. I know, it’s already funny only reading it! But what is a shitbook? Recently I came across a post about shitbooking from @demigodette and @simone.michiels. They explain: “Simply put: made from non-precious materials to conquer the fear of waste, the shitbook helps you […]

#4 Weekly planner kids, gratitude journal & Valentines prep

After every schoolbreak I print new weekly planners for my kids. I count the weeks until the next vacation and start to write down all our activities. This way the kids always know what to expect. And they love it! They often take a look on what’s coming […]

Guusje in her sleeping cage

At first Guusje was sleeping in her own room in the attic. She has a sleeping cage upstairs and a big cage to play in downstairs. But like I told in our previous blog, Guusje got sick and I was just so worried. So I let my husband […]

Studio makeover: waiting a long time now

For about a year and a half ago we decided to give our attic a makeover. It’s one big space now where my “studio” is, but also where we hang our laundry to dry.  I write “studio” because it’s nothing like a studio! Yes, all my craft supplies […]

#3 Weekends, Guusje & new business cards

I always wonder how other peoples weekend look like. I know ours are most of the time the same: cleaning Guusje’s cage, ordering groceries, sport and the occasional family activities, etc. How do other parents do it? If you would like to share, leave a comment! Guusje always […]

Guusje in her backpack

Before Guusje came to live with us, we were all prepared for training. I was determined to take Guusje outside in her Aviator harness. It took me months to train with her, I watched every single YouTube video about training, but I still couldn’t get her to wear […]

#2 Photo album 2021, catching up on yearbooks & school started again

A few years ago I started a new tradition: creating my own family yearbooks. I always take many, many photos of every family activity, but also from our regular days with our kids. During the year I try to keep up with my yearbook. And… my family yearbook […]

Do more of what makes you weird!

Recently I was watching some vlogs from Josie Lewis about art and running your own art business. She is such an amazing and lovely woman. One of her video’s is about “Do more of what makes you weird.” I LOVED this quote! So I decided to print this […]

Guusje eating dinner with us

Every. Single. Meal. Guusje comes to eat dinner with us. 🙂  And if I don’t come to take her off her cage, she comes to us by herself. That is just so cute! She loves a little biscuit with butter in the morning. And in the evening she […]