Do more of what makes you weird!

Recently I was watching some vlogs from Josie Lewis about art and running your own art business. She is such an amazing and lovely woman. One of her video’s is about “Do more of what makes you weird.” I LOVED this quote! So I decided to print this quote in my own style and hang in my craft corner. 

Yes, craft corner… Because my studio is taking forever to finish! I’ll tell more about that later. But I love my craft corner too. 😉

People always think I am weird, mostly because of my life with my parrot Guusje. But hey, I like it, so what? Plus: other people like it! You may have seen that Guusje has WAY MORE followers on Instagram than I do, haha! People always love what I post and I have already met so many lovely people because of it!

So I will just keep on doing what I do. Being weird and proud of it!

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