Guusje and her #backpackingparrot adventures!

If you’ve been following us for a longer time, you know we bought a Pak-o-bird backpack last year and have already made many trips with Guusje. Lately we’ve been “backpacking” in the forest with Guusje and we can’t wait to go on many more adventures together! Guusje really […]

Feel better soon, Micky!

Micky moved back to his previous owner today. Though things seemed to work out great at the beginning, Micky couldn’t settle and didn’t want to come out of his cage anymore. Hopefully he feels better soon. ❤️

#10 So much going on behind the scenes!

A month has past already and I just kept postponing to write a blog for May. There’s so much going on behind the scenes! On Mother’s Day I got a beautiful present: Himi gouache paint I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now. I did open […]

BillyBird Park Hemelrijk

I volunteered to accompany a trip to BillyBird Park Hemelrijk with my sons school. There was a big playground outside and a smaller playground inside. So much fun for the kids! Of course I noticed all the beautiful art they had over there. And I wanted to share […]

This was our Easter

What a busy Easter we had! First we cleared out our entire attic, because of the renovation that is planned. At the end of the day we heard the renovation is postponed! All that work for nothing… Well, not nothing. Of course the renovation will happen. Just five […]

Micky training in our Pak-o-bird

Micky has been with us for almost 6 weeks now. That’s such a short time but it doesn’t feel like that at all!  Micky was feeling at home very quickly and so I decided to start training with our Pak-o-bird to take Micky outside. At first he didn’t […]

March meet the maker

This year I participated March meet the maker for the second time.  “Introduce yourself and your brand to the world, let people in behind the scenes of how and where you work and show everyone the various different aspects of running a small creative business! There’s something for […]

#9 Quotes, trips & a new challenge!

There are just so many things I love to do, so many things that I love to create. Lately I’ve been combining two of my favorite things: quotes and parrot portraits. I’ve made some lovely and funny drawings of it. You can even download a few already in […]

Young Artists Overbetuwe 

I went to visit a presentation from Young Artist Overbetuwe at Theater De Kik last night. An exhibition from Bram Groeneveld and Jeroen Pronk.  Bram and I used to be neighbors, so when I saw he had an exhibition coming up I wanted to go and take a […]

Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst

I volunteered to accompany a trip to Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst with my sons school. There wasn’t much art but it was definitely very special to see! The Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst is located inside the church and tells the story of this 2000-year old place […]