Guusje in her sleeping cage

At first Guusje was sleeping in her own room in the attic. She has a sleeping cage upstairs and a big cage to play in downstairs.

But like I told in our previous blog, Guusje got sick and I was just so worried. So I let my husband carry the sleeping cage to our bedroom. Now Guusje sleeps next to me. 🙂

The last couple of months Guusje is doing just fine and she could sleep in the attic again. But we’re also going to renovate the attic into a studio for me and an office for my husband. So we’re still busy upstairs and Guusje would only get a lot of stress if she needs to sleep there. 

So until my studio is ready, Guusje sleeps with us in our bedroom. 

And of course, with all toddlers, Guusje also has a bedtime routine:

Because we always wake up early, around 6 AM, Guusje wants to go to bed at 6 PM. Yes, she WANTS to go to bed. When its 6 PM Guusje is flapping her wings like crazy, telling me she is ready for bed. I grab some fresh water and her pellets and take her upstairs (Guusje gets pellets and water around the clock.) Before she goes to bed she also gets some walnuts, these are her favorite nuts. And because Guusje lost a lot of weight last year, she gets an extra walnut too. 🙂

I let her sit in my bedroom for a while, while I make sure all the bedrooms are ready for the night: curtains closed, a little nightlight for our kids, pjs, etc. After that Guusje steps onto my hand, she gives me a sweet little kiss with her beak on my mouth, and I put her in her cage. She wants some cuddles, of course, and won’t let me stop. But then it’s time, so I say: “Good night sweetheart.”

I put a cover over her cage, so that she can have her own little space and can’t see us when we go to bed.

And she just goes to sleep.

She is such a sweet bird!

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