Guusje eating dinner with us

Every. Single. Meal. Guusje comes to eat dinner with us. 🙂 

And if I don’t come to take her off her cage, she comes to us by herself. That is just so cute!

She loves a little biscuit with butter in the morning. And in the evening she eats with us, most of the time whatever we are having. She loves potatoes and most of the vegetables we eat.

This wasn’t what it used to be a year ago. Not at all! The breeder told us she only needed to eat pellets, nothing else. But our vet told us parrots need a bit of everything: pellets, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. So we changed her diet.

Guusje has 24/7 acces to her pellets and water. Sometimes she gets a little piece of fruit, not too much. I try to give her some vegetables everyday, she loves cauliflower! When I leave the house she gets seeds in her cage. And before she goes to bed she gets some walnuts. Walnuts are her favorite – she won’t eat any other nut, silly bird… And for training we use sunflower seeds. 

It took months before Guusje was getting used to fruit and vegetables. I thought she was never going to eat any of it. But I kept giving her all the fruits en vegetables we ate as well. Sometimes she didn’t take a bite at all. Sometimes she only tasted it and that’s it. But over time (months!) she started eating more and more. Now she eats her fruit and vegetables very well. At the dinner table. With us!

4 thoughts on “Guusje eating dinner with us

  1. Dit is zo lief!!!
    En Guusje doet het zo goed👌 dankzij al de liefde en goede verzorging die ze krijgt van jou❤

  2. I like that! They are so social. If my Elvis join at the table, he steps up at the plates, jump into the salat and throws veggies at the floor. It makes us laugh, but he now is trained to sit at a perc close to the table. And watch. And have a dinnersnack

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