#3 Weekends, Guusje & new business cards

I always wonder how other peoples weekend look like. I know ours are most of the time the same: cleaning Guusje’s cage, ordering groceries, sport and the occasional family activities, etc. How do other parents do it? If you would like to share, leave a comment!

Guusje always wants to be a part of every activity. She is such a cutie! Most people don’t understand, because they don’t have a parrot. But parrots like to be a part of the family. They are kind of like toddlers: they really need to be taken care of and they always want attention and be a part of the action. Nothing is less true for Guusje. 

Unfortunately she can’t participate in everything. Sometimes when we visit people with dogs, she can’t come with us. Or in the winter when it’s cold outside, I can’t take her outside to pick up the kids from school. 

But I always try to find new ways to let Guusje participate in our daily activities.

I thought it was time for new business cards! Last year I ordered only 1 print of my business cards. But this time I decided to order 4 prints! 🙂 And of course all are parrots I’ve drawn somewhere in the last couple of months. I use my business cards to write little messages, when people order my postcards in my Etsy shop. Or I use my business cards to write birthday wishes, when we have a gift to give. As you can see, I love to use my business cards in different ways. Can’t wait for the new ones to order!

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