My new shitbook – and my sons reaction!

I started my own shitbook. I know, it’s already funny only reading it! But what is a shitbook? Recently I came across a post about shitbooking from @demigodette and @simone.michiels. They explain:

“Simply put: made from non-precious materials to conquer the fear of waste, the shitbook helps you play. 

Sometimes, we get stuck using our supplies, for fear of wasting them. Too often, sketchbooks are intimidating. Some sketchbooks are also expensive beautifully crafted pieces of art themselves. And this adds another layer of worry about wasting good supplies. But we need to remind ourselves that sketchbooks are meant for exploration, trying new marks, brushes, mix colors randomly, make a mess, add a second layer. Try stuff. PLAY! A place to make art just for the fun of making art, with no afterthought. Make art that is not meant to be shared, sold, shown. 

A shitbook however, is not precious. The term “shitbook” makes magic happen. Because how we label things is important. You cannot be scared to use a shitbook. And you can definitely make shit art in a shitbook. So grab yourself an inexpensive sketchbook. Name it ‘My Shitbook’ (or whatever sounds perfect for you) and go explore!”

I was so excited after reading this and I decided to start my own shitbook right away. And it was LIBERATING! I couldn’t stop shitbooking and made a bunch of pages in my new shitbook. Even my son got excited!

He said:“What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m painting in my shitbook.”
My son: “You’re not allowed to say that word!”
Me: “I know, but that’s just what this book is called.”
My son: “I want a shitbook too.” 🙂

But… shortly after I started my shitbook, my art that was stuck in my head for years, just came out! So all of a sudden my shitbook turned into my sketchbook that I wanted for so long. And that makes me so happy!

6 thoughts on “My new shitbook – and my sons reaction!

  1. A shitbook is a really good way to put everything in what’s in your head.
    Not only trying new things… but it’s also good to get rid of your frustrations by just “messing up”. And it just might turn into a real piece of art👍

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