Studio makeover: waiting a long time now

For about a year and a half ago we decided to give our attic a makeover. It’s one big space now where my “studio” is, but also where we hang our laundry to dry. 

I write “studio” because it’s nothing like a studio! Yes, all my craft supplies are there. But I don’t even have a desk anymore: I used to have a desk, but I gave it to my son for his game room. And there is only one tiny window and that’s it. And like I said: our laundry’s there too. Far from ideal, as you might understand.

So we decided to give it a makeover. It will be turned into a REAL studio for me and an office for my husband.

As I said, we decided to do this a year and a half ago…! We are still waiting for all the supplies and stuff. Thanks to covid there’s a delay and everything just keeps on getting postponed. Every. single. time. First it was October 2021. Then it was December 2021. Now it’s Februari 2022. 

It has to happen sometime, right? I’ll just keep on waiting. Meanwhile, I decided to start writing a blog about my studio makeover to keep you posted!

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