Een nieuwe speelplek voor Guusje

Je weet inmiddels vast wel dat ik heel graag creatief ben. 😉 Maar ik vind het ook heel erg leuk om creatief te zijn voor Guusje! Naast eigen speelgoed voor Guusje maken, maak ik ook graag samen met mijn man nieuwe speelplekken voor Guusje. Ik heb daar wel […]

Celebrating “Sinterklaas!”

🇬🇧 The wonderful evening has come, the evening of Sinterklaas… But we had already celebrated Sinterklaas before, nice and cozy at home with chocolate and ‘pepernoten’ and of course a bag of presents. How spoiled everyone is! Yes, everyone, even mom and dad and Guusje are spoiled with […]

Guusje “helping” mommy work

🇬🇧 The minute I take a seat and want to start working on my laptop, Guusje immediately flaps her wings and wants to come sit next to me. I have to come over and get her to take her with me… haha. And then she just sits next […]

Guusje and her dad

🇬🇧 Guusje loves to tease her dad, haha! When Guusje sees her chance, she quickly runs towards her dad and tries to bite his toes! Dad isn’t afraid of Guusje, but he is jumpy when Guusje takes a run towards him. And Guusje knows this! She takes advantage […]

Happy Halloween!

Ghosts & goblinsspooks galorescary witchesat your door Jack-o-lanternssmiling brightwishing youa haunting night!

Guusje and her mom

🇬🇧 Guusje and her mom have been inseparable since they met! Most parrots often choose one person they want to be with. That person can do almost anything with the parrot – and Guusje chose her mom. They do everything together: eating at the table, working from home, […]

Guusje and her big brother

🇬🇧 Guusje always enjoys listening to her big brother. She loves when he’s telling stories and jokes or tries to teach her something new. Guusje is always laughing or talking back when her big brother is spending time with her. 🇳🇱 Guusje luistert altijd graag naar haar grote […]