Paint Yourself Happy February

Recently I wrote a blog about my new shitbook. The people behind shitbooking organized a challenge this month: Paint Yourself Happy February. I was excited right away!

The goal of Paint Yourself Happy February is to play, experiment and explore. It’s not about end results, but it’s all about experiencing the joy of creating. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day. 

@afrisartjourney@demigodette and @simone.michiels share new prompts every week: on Monday there will be a theme for the week and on Thursday there will be a variation on the prompt. The prompts will be simple and fun. How you use the prompts is up to you.

Below you can find my results of the first week. And follow me on Instagram for what will be next.

You should join too! #PYH2022 

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