Bob Ross Happy Painting

Last year we went to visit the art exhibition ‘Bob Ross Happy Painting’ at Museum More in Gorssel. My husband and I both love Bobs paintings, so there was no question if we would see the exhibition.

All of Bobs paintings were lined up in a special room dedicated to Bob Ross. His quotes were painted on the wall and a video about Bob was showed on another wall. 

The paintings were absolutely beautiful! It is so nice to see them in real life after seeing all those videos from Bob on YouTube. 🙂

Afterwards we went to see the rest of the museum, but those paintings couldn’t match Bobs art work. And of course I couldn’t help myself but buy some souvenirs at the gift shop. 😀

Sadly it was very crowded and because of Covid we couldn’t stay long. So we took our lunch and found a lovely little park where we sat down and enjoyed nature. And then… back home to our kids!

A few weeks later I saw a post on Instagram saying the easels from Bobs exhibition were free to pick up…! Of course there was no doubt I had to get one for my (hopefully soon to be) studio. My husband wasn’t sure if they could fit in our car, but I already said we would get one, haha! Luckily everything went fine and I even got two easels! Can’t wait for my studio to finish and give these easels a beautiful place.

2 thoughts on “Bob Ross Happy Painting

  1. Wow….you are very lucky that you went there.
    He is such a fantastic painter.
    He makes the most beautiful paintings.
    It’s also so cool that you managed to get painting easels for your studio😃👍

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