Night Lights ‘Magic Forest’

After waiting for more than a year we finally could visit Night Lights ‘Magic Forest’ at Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen. It was beautiful!!

We wanted to visit Night Lights in 2020 and we already bought our tickets, but because of Covid the zoo was in a lockdown and the event was cancelled. We bought new tickets in December 2021 and another lockdown came along… But fortunately this lockdown didn’t last long and we finally could visit our beautiful zoo again. In January 2022! 😀

When the zoo opened again I planned our visit right away so we could finally see the Magic Forest. Like I said, it was beautiful! The animals were already asleep and by the time we arrived it was dark enough to see all the beautiful handmade light objects. It was true art.

There were light objects all over the park and you could follow the route they made. We bought our kids special lights to play with in the dark, they were so excited! And so were we!

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