#5 Fidget toys, a linktree & a big assignment!

Our kids recently discovered fidget toys and brain games. They love it! So of course we decided to buy some for them. The fidget toys are a real succes. And we have one brain game that is definitely worth it: the Brain Bolt. At first I was a bit sceptic, wasn’t this too easy? But nooo… this is not easy! You should definitely try this one out! 😉

The last couple of months I’ve been working really hard on my website, Etsy, YouTube channels, Instagram and now my new blogs. But I was struggling with all the different URLS that comes with all the different websites. So I decided to take a look at Linktree, since I have seen many other people using it. What a relief! Everything together in one place! 

Every single time I am surprised to hear that people would love me to draw their parrots. I really love drawing them and I love making people happy with my parrot portraits. And then people actually order parrot portraits, from me! And now… recently I received an order for 7 parrot portraits! I am so grateful, for every single portrait I get to make. Thank you, so much..!

One thought on “#5 Fidget toys, a linktree & a big assignment!

  1. It’s so nice to read all you write😃👍
    The linktree is a good idea. I understand it’s a relief❤….less work now with all those links.
    And the Fidget Toys are awesome.
    Hahaha….mostly kids are doing better with it, than parrents😁
    I’m glad you get lots of orders for parrot portrets. You always draw them beautiful and with lots of love❤ You are the best 👌❤🥰

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