When you’re afraid to be your unique self

Ik ben groot fan van Scott Stuart, zijn gedichten en zijn verhalen.
Dit gedichtje wil ik graag met jullie delen:

As tomorrow is getting closer
let your heart take flight
for the world needs more people
who will let their spark shine bright

Who will see what all are doing
yet to themselves stay true
and just by doing that
you help others do that too

There are only two paths to choose
those of love or fear
and the more you choose to be yourself
the more that love stays near

So take a chance on being you
in every single way
and know my love is with you
to help you face the day

Don’t be afraid of what they say
or what the day may bring
embrace your own distinctive song
and let your courage sing

Be true to you as you can be
and be it with great pride
embrace your every difference
and your heart as your best guide

For you are special and unique
in everything you do
and you are loved completely
just for being you

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