The Akwart Experience Instagram museum

Last year I heard there was an Instagram museum opening in our town: The Akwart Experience Instagram museum. I was looking at some pictures and I was excited right away to go and take a look! Unfortunately Covid came along so I couldn’t go. But when everything could open again, my son went with his school. And I was able to go with them! 

Akwart Experience has 17 rooms with each his own art theme. You walk through each room by following the route. And in each room you can make the most beautiful pictures for your social media (of course not when you’re having a group of kids you need to supervise. 😉 ) 

You should definitely take a look at the pictures below. And if you have teenage kids with mobiles (or even better, your own camera!) it’s worth it to take them to this museum!

2 thoughts on “The Akwart Experience Instagram museum

  1. Wow…..
    It’s already great to see in the pictures!
    And in real life it will be absolutely amazing!
    I didn’t know there were 17 rooms…that’s a lot!
    I’m so happy for you that you finally had the opportunity to visit the museum.

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