Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst

I volunteered to accompany a trip to Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst with my sons school. There wasn’t much art but it was definitely very special to see!

The Tempel | Kerk Museum Elst is located inside the church and tells the story of this 2000-year old place of worship. Nowhere in the Netherlands can such high Roman temple walls be seen. The current Grote Kerk, with its monumental tower, was constructed in the 1400s in Gothic Style.

The leftovers from the temple walls were very impressive. But the skeleton of a 14 year old girl that was kept underneath the church made the biggest impression.

I remember I went to this church with my school when I was younger too. And it did make a big impression because I still remember I was there. But I was too young to understand how special it was. So I was very excited to join my sons school this time!

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