Micky, welcome to our family!

We adopted another African Grey parrot: Micky!

Micky is 24 years old and he needed a new home because his caregiver got sick. My husband and I have been thinking about a second bird for a while, but we hadn’t made the decision yet to really take one in. Adopting was a real option for us, because we wanted to give another bird a second change.

When a friend of us told us Micky’s story and that he needed a new home, my husband and I started talking about it. It didn’t took us much time to decide. Within a few minutes we knew we wanted to adopt Micky!

At first there was a lot of contact via chat to talk about Micky, what he’s like and how the adoption process would go. Then we visited Micky for the first time, to see if there was a good vibe between Micky and us. There was great contact immediately! A week later we went to pick up Micky and his stuff.

Micky came to live with us 2,5 weeks ago and things are going really well! Everyone needed to get used to the new situation, but that didn’t take long. Guusje and Micky like being together in the same room (not on the same branch for now, haha!) and they even call each other when they’re both on the other side of the room. That is just so cute!

We are still in contact with Micky’s previous caregiver and we send her pictures and video’s from Micky since he’s here. We take Micky outside to enjoy the sun, we play together inside and we’re learning new things everyday. And Guusje already says: “Hi Micky!”

We were already so blessed with our kids and Guusje. And Micky brings even more joy into our home!

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