Micky training in our Pak-o-bird

Micky has been with us for almost 6 weeks now. That’s such a short time but it doesn’t feel like that at all! 

Micky was feeling at home very quickly and so I decided to start training with our Pak-o-bird to take Micky outside. At first he didn’t want to go into the backpack, of course. But then he noticed there was a yummy seed mix in the backpack! It didn’t take long for Micky to step into the backpack and I let him eat for a while, until he was finished. After that I kept training and tried to take Micky one step further every time. We now have already walked a bit outside with Micky on our back! We are so excited!

Now we are saving for a double Pak-o-bird, so that we can take Guusje and Micky outside at the same time. I’ll keep you updated!

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