Inspiration jar

I’ve been thinking a while about designing an inspiration jar. I wanted to create a jar with some sort of tickets in a theme. When you want to be creative but can’t think of anything, you can take a ticket and draw/paint/build/create whatever is on it.

I chose for tickets from Juf Sanne en Kleuteridee because they have words as well as pictures on it. Because I want to use the inspiration jar not only for myself, but also for the kids. That way when the kids can’t read well yet, they can take a look at the picture. Or when the kids don’t know how to draw something, they can take a look at the picture as an example.

I decided to make inspiration jars by season and because it’s Fall right now (and my favorite!) I started with this season. I’m very excited to see how this jar will work (my kids and I already used it at home!) and even though it took me 3 hours to make, I’m already looking forward to make one for Winter!

I gave the inspiration jar a spot right in the middle of our dinner table. That’s where we live almost 24/7 and craft a lot too. Fun fact: the “ketchup” with sunflower seeds are treats for Guusje! 😀

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