Stamping ‘Sinterklaas’ with toilet rolls

🇬🇧 What I used:– Printable Sint & Piet– Black and silver paint– Toilet rolls– Markers for coloring Print out the coloring pages and give Sint a nice beard and Piet curly hair! I used silver paint for Sinterklaas because I printed on white paper. But you can also […]

Teaming up!

🇬🇧 I will be teaming up with Rianne @vankliedertotkunst for many creative projects in the near future. More info coming soon. I’m so excited! 🎨 🇳🇱 Ik ga de komende tijd voor veel creatieve projecten samenwerken met Rianne @vankliedertotkunst. Binnenkort meer informatie. Ik heb er zo’n zin in! 🎨

Fall trees

🇬🇧 Stamping fall tress with broccoli? Stamping fall trees with your fingers? Yes and yes! This time we used other brushes to paint fall leafs. I drew a simple tree without leafs, which you can download here or find in my free printables. First we used broccoli to […]

Kids food: Rocky road fudge

A few years ago I discovered Lekker en simpel, a website with many recipes that are easy to make, my favorite kind of recipes. 😉 One of the recipes was Rocky road fudge, soooo good! I made this a few times, it has so much sugar so it’s […]

Inspiration jar

I’ve been thinking a while about designing an inspiration jar. I wanted to create a jar with some sort of tickets in a theme. When you want to be creative but can’t think of anything, you can take a ticket and draw/paint/build/create whatever is on it. I chose […]