Happy birthday Guusje!

On August 4th Guusje turned 2 years old! Of course we celebrated her birthday! I ordered a birthday cake, we sang her a birthday song and she got a huge present!

Earlier this year we borrowed a swing for Guusje. She loved it! After that we decided to buy Guusje her own swing for her birthday. It took her a while to get used to it again, but now she’s very happy with her swing and climbs up very often. I’m happy Guusje has her own place where she can sit very high, so that the kids can run around and Guusje feels safe.

I ordered a “human cake” for her birthday with a beautiful picture from Guusje in the forest on top of it. And for Guusje I made a “parrot cake” with fruits and seeds she loves. She enjoyed her cake so much! And we loved our cake too! 🙂

One thought on “Happy birthday Guusje!

  1. Lieve lieve Guusje❤🥰……Ik heb je natuurlijk al gefeliciteerd op je verjaardag…..wel via de foon….maar dat ging niet anders.
    Je hebt zo’n leuke verjaardag gehad ….samen met je lieve mama, papa, grote zus en grote broer.
    En wat een mooi kado heb je gekregen.
    Als je binnenkort hier bent….of wij bij jou….dan krijg je je kadootje van ons ook hoor🤗❤🥰

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