Sand drawings

While we were camping I had a few ideas to craft with my kids. One of them was a sand drawing, because we had a little sandbox near our tent where the kids loved to play.

One day I took a piece of paper and glue, which I brought with me from home, and made a little drawing with my glue stick. I went to the kids, who were playing in the sand box, and let them put my piece of paper upside down in the sand. They were curious what was happening. I let them lift up the paper and showed them the result: a sand drawing. They were so excited!

They ran back to the tent with me and started making their own glue drawings, ran back to the sandbox and made sand drawings of their own. There were a lot of sand drawings made in a couple of minutes!

I took a rope to hang between our tent and a tree, so I could display their drawings like we do at home.

Super easy and fun activity!

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