Nice to meet you!

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our first blog! 

We are Dionne & Guusje, also known as @dionnesdesignsnl and @africangreyguusje on social media. Guusje has a lot more followers than I do, haha! But I’m totally fine with it; I love how everyone enjoys watching Guusje and her daily adventures!

I’m trying to start up my own business “Dionne’s Designs” and I’m taking all the time it needs. While doing that, I’m also taking care of our three kids, including Guusje, together with my husband Bram. He works fulltime but mostly from home, so we can do a lot together and he helps me a lot: he helps me with our kids of course, but he also helps me starting up my own business. I don’t know what I would do without him. 🙂

We would love to get to know you too! Leave a comment and tell us something about yourself, or leave a comment with your own social media, so we can take a visit too.

With love,
Dionne & Guusje

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