Finding my style

When people say things like “Find your own style” and “Pick a niche” are really hard to hear for me. It blocks me. I know what I like to do and I know what I want to do: I just want to draw everyday. And I want to do all other creative activities too. But I also got a million other things to do, like taking care of my kids. And when you only see other peoples Instagram accounts being so perfect with their art… feels like I’m failing. 

So I need to remind myself every time over and over that it’s okay what I do. It’s okay to not have a perfect style. Or a perfect feed. Or perfect art. Or a perfect whatever. 

I’m doing this for myself in the first place. And everyone who wants to enjoy my art is welcome. 

And if people don’t like my art or my style, that’s okay too. 

So I’m trying to “find my style” at my own pace. Trying new things. Trying new media to draw with. What markers do I like? What paper do I like? What sketchbooks do I want? And maybe this way my Instagram feed is a mess. And maybe this way my YouTube channel is a mess. But that’s also what you find inside my head everyday: chaos!

And while I’m trying to find my own style, I’m wondering: do we ever find our own style? Or do we constantly explore new things and does our style changes with us? Is our style ever finished or found? And.. or… what if….

See? Constant chaos in my head!

But… I am being creative. Every single day. And that’s all I want. 

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