Afrika museum

I had a lovely time at Afrika museum with my kid’s school. Afrika museum organized a workshop for the kids where they could make their own house made of clay. I loved to help. 🙂 Afterwards we were able to explore the museum individually. I supported the museum […]

Stamping spiders

What I used: Empty toilet rolls Brown craft paper Black paint Wiggly eyes A new season comes with new kids crafts. I made cute spiders with my little girl. She loved it! I used the toilet rolls to cut little legs and folded them over. I made one […]

Guusje has her own vlog now!

After Guusje started her own blog on this website, she also has her own vlog on her YouTube channel now! Visit our YouTube to watch all the vlogs – and more!

Birthday Unicorn theme

My daughter turned 4 and everything has to be pink everyday, with glitters and… unicorns! We made unicorn marshmallows for the kids at school and a unicorn birthday cake for our party at home. What I used for the unicorn marshmallows: Marshmallows Paper straws Pink frosting Sprinkles Unicorn […]

Happy stones

A popular item the last couple of years: happy stones. So of course they couldn’t miss on my website! All you need is a stone and a paint marker. That’s it! I bought some stones online, but I also used small stones from my garden. I used Posca […]

Guusje sings “Baby shark”

Funny story: Guusje likes to come off her cage and walk over the floor. When she sees my husband, she takes a run for it and tries to bite his toes, haha. So we started singing “Baby shark” every time Guusje got off her cage, to warn each […]

My shop is open again!

On September 1st my Etsy shop opened again and I am very happy and very, very grateful that I already received and send three new orders! I’m thinking about designing new postcards for Christmas to sell in my Etsy shop. I’ll keep you updated! Feel free to take […]


When we went to visit Opening cultural season 2022/2023 we joined a fun activity from Van klieder tot kunst for kids and adults: make something fun of a blob! My daughter wanted to make these at home as well, so we did. We used gouache paint to make […]

Opening cultural season 2022/2023

We went to the opening of the cultural season at Theater de Kik: “Various cultural organizations in the area show what they have to offer through performances, workshops, open classes, presentations or stalls with information. In addition, there are performances by Dik and Pier, there are goodies from […]

Sand drawings

While we were camping I had a few ideas to craft with my kids. One of them was a sand drawing, because we had a little sandbox near our tent where the kids loved to play. One day I took a piece of paper and glue, which I […]