DIY ‘pepernoten’ and chocolate letters

🇬🇧 Sinterklaas has been in the Netherlands for a while now and of course we baked ‘pepernoten’ (ginger bread) and… decorated our own chocolate letters! For the ginger bread we used Kant & Klaar Kruidnotendeeg. It couldn’t be easier: take the dough out of the packaging, roll into […]

Stamping ‘Sinterklaas’ with toilet rolls

🇬🇧 What I used:– Printable Sint & Piet– Black and silver paint– Toilet rolls– Markers for coloring Print out the coloring pages and give Sint a nice beard and Piet curly hair! I used silver paint for Sinterklaas because I printed on white paper. But you can also […]

“See the moon shining through the trees”

🇬🇧 “See the moon shining through the trees,” is a Dutch sentence from a Sinterklaas song. What I used:– Black paper– Paint in blue tones– Gold paint– A twig from my garden– These houses (see my free printables) of black and yellow paper– Glue Paint the background blue, […]