Guusje and her #backpackingparrot adventures!

If you’ve been following us for a longer time, you know we bought a Pak-o-bird backpack last year and have already made many trips with Guusje. Lately we’ve been “backpacking” in the forest with Guusje and we can’t wait to go on many more adventures together!

Guusje really loves to be in her backpack. She got used to the backpack really quick and we go on almost daily walks: even when I’m going out to pick up the kids from school, Guusje comes along!

We’re sharing our backpacking adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #backpackingparrot. Just click on the link and you can follow our adventures outdoors!

This summer we will be camping with Guusje for the first time. We can’t wait for this new adventure!

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