I am an African Grey Parrot from the Netherlands. When I was 20 weeks old my mom and dad brought me home and since then we share our daily life on Instagram

I enjoy the daily walks with my family and when it’s summer we have a lot more activities outside I can participate. Yay!

People always ask if I can talk. The answer is YES, I love to talk all day! I

I learned to talk when I was 7 months old, my first words were “Hi Guus!” Since then I learn new words every week!
Like: “How are you doing?” and “I love you!” and many more! Mommy made a playlist on my YouTube channel where you can watch and hear all the words I learned already.

We didn’t expect to grow on social media with so many followers – it’s a cliche, we know, but very true! – and we love how everyone enjoys being a part of our daily life. And thank you so much for all your sweet comments. That brings us joy too!