Our Christmas wish to you

Here’s to Christmas: A time of rememberingA time of lovingA time for givingA time of believingA time of gratitudeA time to slow downA time to simplifyA time of magicA time of peace We wish you a very merry Christmas! With love, Dionne & Guusje

Celebrating “Sinterklaas!”

🇬🇧 The wonderful evening has come, the evening of Sinterklaas… But we had already celebrated Sinterklaas before, nice and cozy at home with chocolate and ‘pepernoten’ and of course a bag of presents. How spoiled everyone is! Yes, everyone, even mom and dad and Guusje are spoiled with […]

Creative activities for refugees

🇬🇧 I’ve already spent a few wonderful days crafting with the refugees in our village! As soon as I can, I visit and take several creative activities with me. I gave all children their own portfolio (a file with empty sheets) in which they can draw and craft […]

Sint Maarten

🇬🇧 What a lovely evening we had! Earlier this week I’ve been busy making a treat for all the kids. Well… for 50 children. If I’d known there were going to be so many kids, I’d have at least doubled it! Soon the first children came to the […]

Refugee crisis emergency shelter

🇬🇧 This has nothing to do with art (not yet, just wait) but this week we got a refugee crisis emergency shelter in our town. I decided to take a look at the walk-in they organised.  The place is sober, but neat. They did their best to make […]

Happy Halloween!

Ghosts & goblinsspooks galorescary witchesat your door Jack-o-lanternssmiling brightwishing youa haunting night!

Inspiration jar

I’ve been thinking a while about designing an inspiration jar. I wanted to create a jar with some sort of tickets in a theme. When you want to be creative but can’t think of anything, you can take a ticket and draw/paint/build/create whatever is on it. I chose […]

This was our Easter

What a busy Easter we had! First we cleared out our entire attic, because of the renovation that is planned. At the end of the day we heard the renovation is postponed! All that work for nothing… Well, not nothing. Of course the renovation will happen. Just five […]

March meet the maker

This year I participated March meet the maker for the second time.  “Introduce yourself and your brand to the world, let people in behind the scenes of how and where you work and show everyone the various different aspects of running a small creative business! There’s something for […]

My 30th birthday: my husband bought me a Cricut Maker 3!

Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday! And I didn’t celebrate for one day… I celebrated my birthday for three days!!! On Friday we went out for dinner. We found a restaurant Osteria Pomodoro that has a playroom especially for kids. You can eat as many as you’d […]