This was our Easter

What a busy Easter we had! First we cleared out our entire attic, because of the renovation that is planned. At the end of the day we heard the renovation is postponed! All that work for nothing… Well, not nothing. Of course the renovation will happen. Just five […]

March meet the maker

This year I participated March meet the maker for the second time.  “Introduce yourself and your brand to the world, let people in behind the scenes of how and where you work and show everyone the various different aspects of running a small creative business! There’s something for […]

My 30th birthday: my husband bought me a Cricut Maker 3!

Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday! And I didn’t celebrate for one day… I celebrated my birthday for three days!!! On Friday we went out for dinner. We found a restaurant Osteria Pomodoro that has a playroom especially for kids. You can eat as many as you’d […]

Our Valentine’s Day

I wanted to write this blog earlier, but because Micky came to live with us a bit “last minute” I didn’t have much time earlier. But here it is: Our Valentine’s Day! I celebrate almost every holiday with my husband and kids. I always buy a little gift […]

Paint Yourself Happy February

Recently I wrote a blog about my new shitbook. The people behind shitbooking organized a challenge this month: Paint Yourself Happy February. I was excited right away! The goal of Paint Yourself Happy February is to play, experiment and explore. It’s not about end results, but it’s all about […]

My new shitbook – and my sons reaction!

I started my own shitbook. I know, it’s already funny only reading it! But what is a shitbook? Recently I came across a post about shitbooking from @demigodette and @simone.michiels. They explain: “Simply put: made from non-precious materials to conquer the fear of waste, the shitbook helps you […]

Studio makeover: waiting a long time now

For about a year and a half ago we decided to give our attic a makeover. It’s one big space now where my “studio” is, but also where we hang our laundry to dry.  I write “studio” because it’s nothing like a studio! Yes, all my craft supplies […]

Do more of what makes you weird!

Recently I was watching some vlogs from Josie Lewis about art and running your own art business. She is such an amazing and lovely woman. One of her video’s is about “Do more of what makes you weird.” I LOVED this quote! So I decided to print this […]

Happy New Year!

Dear friend, We wanted to take our time to say “Thank you!” for all your support! Here on our website as well as on our social media. Hopefully 2022 will be as good as last year. Hopefully we can laugh and love even more. We wish you all […]

Merry Christmas!

Dear friend, We want to wish you a very, very Merry Christmas with lots of joy, love and good food! Eat as many as you can! At least we will… 😉 Even if you’re not with as many people as you would like to, or even if you’re […]