DIY ‘pepernoten’ and chocolate letters

🇬🇧 Sinterklaas has been in the Netherlands for a while now and of course we baked ‘pepernoten’ (ginger bread) and… decorated our own chocolate letters! For the ginger bread we used Kant & Klaar Kruidnotendeeg. It couldn’t be easier: take the dough out of the packaging, roll into […]

Stamping ‘Sinterklaas’ with toilet rolls

🇬🇧 What I used:– Printable Sint & Piet– Black and silver paint– Toilet rolls– Markers for coloring Print out the coloring pages and give Sint a nice beard and Piet curly hair! I used silver paint for Sinterklaas because I printed on white paper. But you can also […]

“See the moon shining through the trees”

🇬🇧 “See the moon shining through the trees,” is a Dutch sentence from a Sinterklaas song. What I used:– Black paper– Paint in blue tones– Gold paint– A twig from my garden– These houses (see my free printables) of black and yellow paper– Glue Paint the background blue, […]

Painting pumpkins

🇬🇧 We decided to do things differently this year and we painted our pumpkins for the first time!  I painted little ghosts with my thumb and my daughter painted her pumpkin with brushes and her fingers as well. I drew little faces with a black Posca marker and […]

3 easy Halloween crafts

🇬🇧 I wanted to share 3 easy Halloween crafts with you to create with your kids. I made a ghost, a pumpkin and an X-ray of our hands! 🙂 What I used for the ghost: This ghost which you can find in my free printables Scissors What I […]

Fall trees

🇬🇧 Stamping fall tress with broccoli? Stamping fall trees with your fingers? Yes and yes! This time we used other brushes to paint fall leafs. I drew a simple tree without leafs, which you can download here or find in my free printables. First we used broccoli to […]

Puffy charm jewelry

🇬🇧 This is so cute! My daughter got a lot of presents for her birthday and one of it was a “Puffy charm jewellery” box. I must admit I was a bit sceptic at first. Cheap plastic charms for bracelets and a necklace? But my daughter was very […]

Crafting with leafs

Normally our weekends are full with all sorts of activities, from birthdays to chores in our house. But when everyone gets sick and you have to cancel everything… you can craft! Our daughter was sick and we weren’t feeling well either. And we’ve been wanting to try some […]

Kids food: Rocky road fudge

A few years ago I discovered Lekker en simpel, a website with many recipes that are easy to make, my favorite kind of recipes. 😉 One of the recipes was Rocky road fudge, soooo good! I made this a few times, it has so much sugar so it’s […]

Inspiration jar

I’ve been thinking a while about designing an inspiration jar. I wanted to create a jar with some sort of tickets in a theme. When you want to be creative but can’t think of anything, you can take a ticket and draw/paint/build/create whatever is on it. I chose […]