#9 Quotes, trips & a new challenge!

There are just so many things I love to do, so many things that I love to create. Lately I’ve been combining two of my favorite things: quotes and parrot portraits. I’ve made some lovely and funny drawings of it. You can even download a few already in […]

#8 Mini happy stones, key chains & drawing everywhere

I think most people have heard of happy stones by now. Draw or paint a stone and leave it somewhere behind for someone else to find. It brings people so much joy! I decided to do the same, but smaller: I’ve been drawing mini happy stones with little […]

#7 Business cards, an order of 1000 cards & a new parrot!

A quick update on my blog… because we are so busy at home with our new parrot!  Recently I ordered new business cards. Of course there’s one business card with Guusje on it! And of course the rest is also with birds. I already showed them on my […]

#6 Meal planner, blogging & birthday prep

I have already talked about my monthly planner and my weekly planner… Now I am going to tell you something about my meal planner! As you can see, I love planning! 😀 It took me a few years to figure out what works for me. Things were constantly […]

#5 Fidget toys, a linktree & a big assignment!

Our kids recently discovered fidget toys and brain games. They love it! So of course we decided to buy some for them. The fidget toys are a real succes. And we have one brain game that is definitely worth it: the Brain Bolt. At first I was a […]

#4 Weekly planner kids, gratitude journal & Valentines prep

After every schoolbreak I print new weekly planners for my kids. I count the weeks until the next vacation and start to write down all our activities. This way the kids always know what to expect. And they love it! They often take a look on what’s coming […]

#3 Weekends, Guusje & new business cards

I always wonder how other peoples weekend look like. I know ours are most of the time the same: cleaning Guusje’s cage, ordering groceries, sport and the occasional family activities, etc. How do other parents do it? If you would like to share, leave a comment! Guusje always […]

#2 Photo album 2021, catching up on yearbooks & school started again

A few years ago I started a new tradition: creating my own family yearbooks. I always take many, many photos of every family activity, but also from our regular days with our kids. During the year I try to keep up with my yearbook. And… my family yearbook […]

#1 Holidays, New Years resolutions & two large orders!

The last couple of months I’ve been working really hard on my website and Etsy shop. I really enjoyed working on it and I am very happy with the result! But I was also tired and needed a break from work.  Of course the holidays were coming up […]

Behind the scenes

I really like sharing my stories on Instagram and I often get nice responses and conversations about my stories. So I’ve decided to share more “behind the scenes” on my website.  So if you missed my Instagram stories, or if you would like to follow my creative life, […]