Happy Halloween!

Ghosts & goblinsspooks galorescary witchesat your door Jack-o-lanternssmiling brightwishing youa haunting night!

3 easy Halloween crafts

🇬🇧 I wanted to share 3 easy Halloween crafts with you to create with your kids. I made a ghost, a pumpkin and an X-ray of our hands! 🙂 What I used for the ghost: This ghost which you can find in my free printables Scissors What I […]

Guusje and her mom

🇬🇧 Guusje and her mom have been inseparable since they met! Most parrots often choose one person they want to be with. That person can do almost anything with the parrot – and Guusje chose her mom. They do everything together: eating at the table, working from home, […]

Painting fall trees with broccoli

🇬🇧 Stamping fall tress with broccoli? Stamping fall trees with your fingers? Yes and yes! This time we used other brushes to paint fall leafs. I drew a simple tree without leafs, which you can download here or find in my free printables. First we used broccoli to […]

Exhibition Ukrainian Tatiana Polieshchuk

🇬🇧 “On 15 and 16 October, paintings by Tatiana Polieshchuk (1967) who had fled from Ukraine were exhibited in Theater De KiK. The exhibition includes work she painted in Elst in recent months. Some older works were also on display. The work varies from animalistic cartoonish to almost […]

Guusje and her big brother

🇬🇧 Guusje always enjoys listening to her big brother. She loves when he’s telling stories and jokes or tries to teach her something new. Guusje is always laughing or talking back when her big brother is spending time with her. 🇳🇱 Guusje luistert altijd graag naar haar grote […]

Finally renovating!!

🇬🇧 After waiting for two years en multiple delays because of COVID, we’re finally renovating our attic! There will be an office for my husband and I will finally get my own studio! I’m so excited, can you tell?! 😀 I’ll definitely post a new blog when my […]

Puffy charm jewelry

🇬🇧 This is so cute! My daughter got a lot of presents for her birthday and one of it was a “Puffy charm jewellery” box. I must admit I was a bit sceptic at first. Cheap plastic charms for bracelets and a necklace? But my daughter was very […]

Guusje and her big sister

🇬🇧 Guusje always enjoys watching her big sister being funny (and acting crazy sometimes!) Her big sister is 4 years old now and they can’t do much together. But her big sister loves to give Guusje sunflower seeds and share her own food when we eat dinner. Guusje […]

Exhibition ‘Open your eyes to human trafficking’

🇬🇧 When I heard about this exhibition near our home I really wanted to take a look with my husband. I didn’t wanted to bring my kids, because I was afraid it would have been too appealing. When we got there it wasn’t too appealing at all. The […]