Our Valentine’s Day

I wanted to write this blog earlier, but because Micky came to live with us a bit “last minute” I didn’t have much time earlier. But here it is: Our Valentine’s Day! I celebrate almost every holiday with my husband and kids. I always buy a little gift […]

#7 Business cards, an order of 1000 cards & a new parrot!

A quick update on my blog… because we are so busy at home with our new parrot!  Recently I ordered new business cards. Of course there’s one business card with Guusje on it! And of course the rest is also with birds. I already showed them on my […]

Bob Ross Happy Painting

Last year we went to visit the art exhibition ‘Bob Ross Happy Painting’ at Museum More in Gorssel. My husband and I both love Bobs paintings, so there was no question if we would see the exhibition. All of Bobs paintings were lined up in a special room […]

Paint Yourself Happy February

Recently I wrote a blog about my new shitbook. The people behind shitbooking organized a challenge this month: Paint Yourself Happy February. I was excited right away! The goal of Paint Yourself Happy February is to play, experiment and explore. It’s not about end results, but it’s all about […]

#6 Meal planner, blogging & birthday prep

I have already talked about my monthly planner and my weekly planner… Now I am going to tell you something about my meal planner! As you can see, I love planning! 😀 It took me a few years to figure out what works for me. Things were constantly […]

Night Lights ‘Magic Forest’

After waiting for more than a year we finally could visit Night Lights ‘Magic Forest’ at Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen. It was beautiful!! We wanted to visit Night Lights in 2020 and we already bought our tickets, but because of Covid the zoo was in a lockdown and […]

#5 Fidget toys, a linktree & a big assignment!

Our kids recently discovered fidget toys and brain games. They love it! So of course we decided to buy some for them. The fidget toys are a real succes. And we have one brain game that is definitely worth it: the Brain Bolt. At first I was a […]